The original law and order is coming back to NBC

Elizabeth Mercy, Who played three-and-a-half seasons with ADA Serena Southallin, said she felt her kindness, sometimes a slightly simpler (but still sharp) character reflecting her own values. “I have this belief in my heart that people are good, not that those who do bad things are not bad, but the human spirit in general – that there is hope for us,” the actress said. Long Island Weekly In May. “I think Serena had that idealism and I do too.”

Idealism, at least, may be its predecessor, the branch does not agree with the approach of a case of Sutherlin and dismissed him. Where his memorable answer, nowhere, was, “Is this me a lesbian?” The answer was no, but it was a scratch because Serena’s personal life never came up. (It ranks 25th in TV Land’s Top 100 Most Unexpected Moments in TV History.)

Let’s just say, Rohm’s time on set (“My co-workers were Jerry Arbach and Sam Waterstone, I mean, they’re real actors”) seems more enjoyable than Southerlin’s time in the DA’s office.

“On the last day of my career, Sam Waterston wrote a lecture,” Reham recalled, which included recent work. Jane the Virgin And Sudden surprise. “I went inside,” he said Laws and orders With a ‘torch of happiness’, and I have a child-like enthusiasm towards life. I like to have fun. I like to be kind to people. I want to make an impact. I’d like to make an exception. “

He continued, “And I think I have the same stimulus and idealism as that child, and I have faith in humanity. I am never surprised when people are kind because I know we have all these hopes and developments and desires to be inside us.” Happy. That doesn’t mean there is no criminal mentality, no degradation, no despair, no poverty and no violence. “

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