The Sydney Star says they and Darius McCurry are only friends, despite revealing that they are dating.

The Sydney Star and Darius McCurry have become the talk of the social media-field after Sydney was revealed and the ‘Family Matters’ star is dating. Pictures and videos of the two being quite comfortable have gone viral, yet Darius has denied Sydney’s claims and appears to have changed his heart as well.

Sydney and Darius have been flirting in the village for months now, but it was a video of the two during a photoshoot that fans were sure they were together. Once that video went viral, Sydney claimed she had been dating Darius since February and even released more footage to share some of their smooches. Speaking to The Women of The Real, Sydney made it clear that their relationship is strictly platonic.

As you guys can see, it really hit us right. It’s really hard to hit us”Sydney asked why he is now denying dating rumors. “I don’t think either I or Darius knew how difficult it would be. You can see the society was not ready for this at all.

Sydney used to call Darius her “boo thing” online, but Jenny and the rest of the women said they were really good friends.

We are friends, we are friends“He said.”He is a very good friend of mine. All Ima says. It’s fun to chat with him. You see, I’m a funny girl to hang out with. Anyone would want to be a friend of the Sydney Star.

Darius and I came together to create a positive movement and a moment to break the barriers of the world.“He continues.”It’s okay for a straight, heterosexual man to befriend a nice, familiar transwoman or a gay man, or someone who isn’t really normal

Darius also maintains that the two are just friends.

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