The U.S. Capitol Police officer has been charged with the first charge

Roommate, although the January historic riot at the U.S. Capitol took place in January, it is being talked about almost nine months later. As new information continues to be released today, news of the arrest of an officer involved has surfaced. According to CNN, a police officer has been charged in the January 6 mutiny in the U.S. Capitol.

According to the complaint, Officer Michael A. Reports say Michael told an unknown person to remove the posts from the Capitol building that day.

Prosecutors allege that the day after the mutiny, Michael sent a private message via Facebook posting selfies and videos about being in the Capitol during the riots. Reports say Michael was in a Facebook group with a person related to fishing. The message read, “I am a Capitol Police officer who agrees with your political position. Remove the part of the building they are currently investigating and those who were in the building will be charged. Just look outside! “

In addition, Michael complained that the person continued to send messages, saying they were happy that they had come out of the building illegally and that more than 50 officers had been injured, somewhat worse. He didn’t end there. Michael told the man to “move away from social media” in mid-January because dozens of people were arrested. He has even dropped potential criminal charges for violent acts or destruction of property. He took it one step further, alleging that the man had been advised to contact the “Capital Police” and anticipate allegations of violations.

The 50-year-old man is currently on administrative leave and was arrested today and produced in court on a video feed from a holding cell. Michael has not yet argued any of the appeals and is not being held awaiting trial. However, he will be barred from having a gun in his hand as he awaits trial.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

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