The United States Postal Service says mail delivery will be longer in selected packages.

The epidemic has changed our way of life. From school to social gatherings, including the United States Postal Service mail delivery was nothing like before and it looks like it won’t change any time soon.

As we prepare for the holiday season, it seems that long distance travel packages will take longer to arrive.

According to CNN, the mail process may be slower. Consumers can start seeing the change by Friday.

Some of these changes include longer delivery times and less post office hours for priority mail.

“These changes could make it more affordable for us to transport first-class packages by land instead of using expensive airlines, which are less reliable due to weather, flight traffic, availability constraints, space competition and added USPS spokesman Kim Froome.”

According to CNN, “service changes will not affect about 60% of first-class mail and almost all periodicals.”

For mail delivery in the local area, the ideal time for a single piece of first class mail is still two days.

Mail that travels long distances will be further affected.

Back in 2020, Democrats “joined [Louis] President Trump’s anti-mail suffrage speech. Democrats have accused Dejoy of sabotaging the election by causing mail delivery problems with the U.S. Postal Service.

During the congressional hearing, U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy introduced his 10-year plan.

In February, he apologized for the slow delivery during the holiday season and said it was “unacceptable.”

Rumiz, how are you all feeling?

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