The woman came forward claiming to be the child of DMX বাড় increasing the number of her alleged children

Many were saddened by the death of the legendary DMX earlier this year. Since his death, discussions have been going on about his estate and how it will be divided among his children. Now a woman has come forward claiming her own daughter, increasing the number of alleged children to 15.

According to Page six, A woman named Raven Burmer-Simmons from Georgia contacted other children at DMX and claimed that she was also her child. A further 14 people will now be DNA tested with him to confirm his paternity.

The site reported that on Friday, Judge Helen Blackwood hired DMX’s three sons, Xavier, Tacoma and Shawn Simmons, a son shared with his ex-wife Tashera Simmons, as temporary administrators of his estate.

Harvard Nass, Xavier, Tacomar Trust and Estate Attorney, Shawn said, “The next big thing is to determine who is the right heir. The estate is asking everyone to prove paternity through DNA testing. All legitimate children of DMX will have an equal share of his property.”

He continued, “We have to collect resources and pay taxes and administrative costs. We don’t have much information about his income stream, but now that a temporary administrator has been appointed, we can ask questions and expect answers.

DMX’s fianc ডেসe Desiri Lindstrom was rejected by a judge after she applied to be declared his “common law wife”. She is the mother of DMX’s 5-year-old son Exodus Simmons. She applied to the court to be the administrator of her estate, as well as to DMX’s eldest daughter, Sasha Simmons, and Jada Oden.

E.g. Previously DMX reportedly died in April at the age of 50.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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