The woman has been fired after she was accused of telling a black man to walk her dog to stay in her ‘hood’. National

A woman has been fired for allegedly telling a black man and his fianc থাকতে to stay in their “hood” while walking their dog in Brooklyn Park.

Sunday (September 2), Frederick Joseph Tweeted: “In Brooklyn’s dog park with my fianc and this white woman threatening to call the police and tell us to ‘stay in our hood’ because she confused our dog with another dog that was barking loudly.”

Joseph added that he “started recording and he tried to slap the phone off my hand.” The video footage he posted showed Joseph talking to the woman behind the camera after the alleged racist remarks.

In the second tweet, Joseph identified the woman Emma Sarley And claims that he has been fired from the job of software company Bevi.

Bevy CEO Derek Andersen Confirmed Internal That one employee has been fired, but did not name them.

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“E BVHQ has zero tolerance for any kind of discriminatory behavior. Yesterday an employee behaved contrary to our values ​​and he was fired. We deeply apologize to all concerned.” “I personally hope there can be some kind of solution between the two parties outside of this and it will help if I can.”

The video posted by Joseph shows him accusing the woman of “staying in our hood” and showing her acting in shock, as if Joseph was telling her to do it. “Did you tell me that?” He asked. He was seen overturning Joseph at one point.

Joseph then turned to another and asked, “I’m sorry, you were watching the whole thing here. Didn’t he just stand here and tell us to stay in the hood?”

The man replies: “He did.”

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