There are new-normal rules here as theaters are reopened in Maharashtra

Cinema owners can finally breathe a sigh of relief as Maharashtra prepares to reopen theaters and multiplexes on October 22. As the movies prepare for their revival, there are some important guidelines that movie owners need to follow as well as the public.

First the theaters will be reopened with only 50 per cent occupancy. Other Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) include guidelines for maintaining a minimum foot distance in common areas of the auditorium. Cinematographers will be asked to maintain personal hygiene and adhere to basic hygiene rules when sneezing or coughing in cinema halls. A mask will always be mandatory. Hand sanitizers will be provided at the entry and exit points.

To enter the cinema hall, the Healing Bridge app will be required to show their status or show the Covid-1V vaccination certificate. Both staff members and visitors must be fully vaccinated. Other guidelines include the inclusion of markers in the ticket queue, ensuring that there is sufficient time between screenings to avoid crowds, and that no food or drink be carried outside the auditorium.

Cinema Hall

Let us hope that the reopening of cinema halls will bring normalcy back to the theater owners and remove the dull spell that the epidemic created. Suryavanshi, starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, remains one of the first films to hit the screens once it is released and it will be released in Diwali.

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