These African-American candidates have won elections in their states

It’s up, and it’s stuck! Last night’s election took place in several states across the United States, and voters used their voices to help change the political climate and give us a long-awaited result! When it comes to representation, black and brown men and women tend to prove that they are worthy of being everywhere and that their residents agree. From the mayor to the lieutenant governor, allow us to meet new people in our office who are ready to change.

According to The Root, Tyrone Garner, Ken Welch and Ed Gainey have become the first black mayors in Kansas City, KS, St. Petersburg, FL and Pittsburgh, PA. Mayor-elect Garner, officially a retired Kansas City deputy chief, has focused his platform on tax relief, improving public safety and support for small businesses. He defeated incumbent Mayor David Alve by 51% of the vote.

Mayor-elect Welch received about 60 percent of the vote, compared to 40 percent for City Councilman Robert Blackman. The former Pinellas County commissioner has a strong track record of building staff housing, which he focused on as he campaigned. Now that he has been elected mayor, he plans to take the same initiative with his new administration, according to Fox 13 News.

Last but not least is the mayoral-elected Gainey. The former state representative announced that his vision as mayor consists of unity, progressive change and a commitment to make the city safer, more affordable and more diverse. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that he won 71% to 29% more than retired Pittsburgh police officer Tony Moreno.

Not only black men have won the recent elections. Winsome Sears, a Republican, is now the first black woman to be elected lieutenant governor of Virginia. Marine Veterans have historically planned to fund black colleges and universities, create safer neighborhoods, build communities, and help children get a better education. According to WAMU, only 10 black women have been elected to statewide offices.

Congratulations to all the newly elected candidates! We can’t wait to see what change you all make in your state.

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