This $ 11 cuticle oil has 74,850 five star reviews on Amazon

Here is what the critics say:

“I like the way it feels in my cuticle. I’m a nervous picker in my cuticle and it not only reduces my desire to tear my damaged cuticles, but also relieves the pain from the damage I did before the application.”

“I like how light the oil is but it still hydrates on my hands. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel too oily or leaves oily film / residue and I like how light the perfume is (one of my perfume sensitivities That’s why I don’t like heavy scented things. “

“My nails have been healing from acrylic for years. My nails are small, broken and dry. I apply cuticle oil on the nails every day and stain any stained edges as well as paint with the slightest bit of polish.” Got this cuticle oil today and wow! It gets wet very fast. The scent is light (if you work in a medical setting) and clean. “

“My first reaction when I got this product on Amazon was that the price of the bottle of cuticle oil was much higher. Glad to discover the generous size of the bottle.”

“I was cutting very bad nails.
If I can keep my nails strong and long then anyone can just take inspiration and the right product! The whole bottle is almost finished and now lasts a while, I apply one drop 3x on each nail every day. “

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