This $ 23 acupressure mat must have 23,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews

Here is what the critics say:

“I bought it 4 weeks ago and I like it. I use it to tighten my back and neck for 30-40 minutes every day and then feel fresh and radiant. After playing golf today my husband’s back was stiff and he was lying down. The mat lasts for 15 minutes. 2 minutes, it gets better and every passing minute is less painful. Excellent product. “

“I am 25 years old, I am in a terrible condition. I am currently in the second week of physical therapy and trying to find a way to relieve my back pain. This mat is amazing. I have never tried acupressure before and bought it at a reasonable price first. It was uncomfortable. You must resist the urge to get up. Great for helping relieve scalp headaches. I want everyone to have one. “

“I don’t usually write reviews but I felt the need to share my experience with this thing. I originally bought it for my husband, a big frightened old man who suffers from chronic back pain, depression and anxiety. His doctor advised acupuncture, which we I saw Covid before he hit. I let him get it until we could make an actual appointment for him. Able to relax. The more he used it, the less he was able to relax as his pain subsided. Because he didn’t get pain.Low pain means less anxiety.He’s doing great.When I bought this thing, I thought this simple point mat couldn’t hold that power but there he was, living proof.I was happy enough to buy. “

“I am suffering from chronic migraine and they are very weak. I have tried all the treatments available and some things have helped me to manage them well but nothing really worked. There should be rest in the evening and tomorrow morning. My husband advised the mat. The relief was instantaneous. And I want to say instantaneously. The only thing sewing in golf clits that I’ve ever felt is to stop the migraine from progressing. I still have a dull headache, but I’m still not functioning and crying in the dark and trembling in pain. I can’t believe it. I’m a convert. “

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