This happened when Lil Fitz apologized to Omrion for dating ex April Jones Music

Omrion He took the high road when he learned to deal with the mother of his child, April Jones, And bandmates, Lil Fizz. Even now, Fitz recently took the time to apologize for the indecisiveness while B2K members were on tour.

On the opening night of the Millennium Tour (October 1) at The Forum in Los Angeles, fans heard more than hits. According to TMZF5-year-old Fitz apologized to O’Malley for shutting down mid-performance.

“I’ve done some exercises with my brother,” Fitz said, shouting loudly from the audience. “I’ve had some snake ass, and I’m not proud of it. So, I would like to sit here politely and sincerely apologize to you and for any inconvenience or inconvenience in your family.

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The two hugged it, while Omrion simply answered, “It’s all right.” Phiz tells the audience that he loves them. Omrion then stepped forward, saying, “Wait, we have to show them why we love them”, when they started their song “Why I love you”.

Omrion, 36, and April Jones, 34, separated in 2016. The ex-couple shared 5-year-old me and 7-year-old Mega a daughter and son together. In 2019, Fitz posted a video of himself holding back in April, revealing the underlying animosity between Fitz and Omrion. In light of the situation, Omrion said on numerous occasions that he was upset by the situation.

“I don’t feel any way. I don’t feel any way about it, ”Omrion said VladTV During an interview. “I think if they are happy, they should be happy. I think, though, that their narrative should change.

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