This is what Ayushman Khurana said on the film anniversary of Badhai Ho

Bollywood star Ayushman Khurana is considered as the king of Indian cinema content because his progressive entertainers have been able to spread important messages about social good. On the anniversary of the third release of his blockbuster family entertainer Badhai Ho, Ayushman expressed that he is happy with the positive impact the film has had on society.

Ayushman, who has given eight back-to-theatrical hits, said, “Most of my films are about coming and going for the family, bringing back an important message and, most importantly, providing complete entertainment. Italics. “

He added, “Badhai Ho, for me, ticked all these boxes and I am grateful that the film started an important conversation about how India will react towards the end of pregnancy. When such incidents occur, society gives us the condition to respond in a certain way. ”

Ayushman, who is recognized by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world for his influential film choices, added, “We wanted to show people why it’s not such a big deal that we make it. We wanted people to look at this issue through a more inclusive lens and tell them that it should not be seen as taboo. It was the success of Badhai Ho to me. My next line starts from Chandigarh Car Aashiqui, falls into this bracket and it is a healthy family pastime. “

Late actress Surekha Sikri, a national award winner, is deeply absent today.

The star said passionately, “I am also lucky to have been able to work with a high profile actor like the late Surekha Sikriji in this film. He was a gentle soul with incredible depth as a human being and learned some life lessons while being on set with him. I miss him and I’m sure the industry misses him too. ”


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