This Repaire Hair Oil has 16,700+ five star Amazon reviews

This is not your average hair product. See what these Amazon buyers have to say about it.

“This product has improved my hair, the problem with my fridge is almost understandable which is amazing. I’ve worked with the fridge all my life, I’ve tried numerous shampoos and nothing helped up to Olaplex N ° 7,” said one Amazon buyer.

Another review said, “My hair is greasy, very light but doesn’t feel moisturizing. Love that it’s a heat preservative and oil!”

One buyer said, “First, I just want to say that I have never written a product review in my life. But I had the most incredible experience with Olaplex that I had to share. I always had relatively dry hair, it was naturally very light blonde and I was sun and I spend a lot of time in salt water so in summer it gets drier and almost bleached. It got so bad recently that I had to bang my hairdresser to get rid of my hair. It was basically irreparably damaged. Thanks to her non-stop … every day my hair feels like I left the salon. Everyone should use this set !! “

A fan of the product wrote, “I like this oil more than I have ever tried on my hair. I just get out of the shower or just brush my hair in the morning, I apply it on the edges and the layers and my hair looks healthy and silky. I haven’t seen anything where you can apply it every day for a soft texture and your hair doesn’t look greasy and dirty. “

“I noticed a significant difference between texture and hair breakage. I used to shed a ton like hair roots, every time I washed it for the rest of my life, but now I’ve only noticed a few strands. It makes my hair much softer and more beautiful. And the only product that has calmed my flyways.
The bottle is small, but goes a little too far, writes an Amazon customer.

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