Throwback: Shah Rukh Khan has answered a burning question for Filmfare

No matter how much Shah Rukh Khan does the Ask SRK session, the world will never go out of curiosity to know more about him. The actor, with his charisma, intelligence and elegance is driving the world crazy with him and his fans love to know little details about his life. Catering to those ‘Jabra fans’, we brought the experts to an interview with Shah Rukh Khan in 2003 where he answered some fun and burning questions for Filmfare. Try scrolling.

What was your nickname at school?

Mail mattress, because I used to run very fast, like express trains. Also because my hair was standing in front.

Can you tell me three well-known facts about yourself?

1. I have lots of moles but only on the right side of my body.

2. I don’t drink water, just Pepsi.

3. I hate wearing slippers, never do.

Which is your favorite part of the human body?

Collar-bone area.

Which book do you read most often?

Many of them. Books by Adrian Mall and Woody Allen (I have the whole Woody Allen collection). Bill Kasby’s paternity and paternity. Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhikers Guide Galaxy.

Which is the sexiest word in English?

Darling, I find it very sexy, even though it is abused a lot. And I don’t mean sensual sexy. Shashi Kapoor used to say it well… I think I also say it sweetly. I have seen ‘Sweetheart’ to many.

Shah Rukh Khan

What is the most beautiful thing about you?

Some people say I have the expression of puppy dog ​​in my eyes sometimes. Or maybe it’s my dimple… I don’t really know.

What is the best way to say goodbye?

Avi na jao chod ke balo… I just hugged that person with a lot of love.

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