TI and Tiny develop affordable housing communities in Bankhead

Talk about putting it to your community! TI recently revealed that he and Tiny are adding developers to their biographies. The married couple is reportedly building an affordable housing unit in Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia.

In a live video shared on her Instagram account, TI is pulling towards an active construction site. He got out of his car and began to walk in front of the partially complete structure while explaining what the audience was seeing. TI says the mixed-use community is about 40% complete and should be ready for tenants at some point next year. Once completed, the community will provide 143 accommodation (units).

“Since everyone is so much more than here, let’s see what you did to dig here,” TI challenged in the video. “I don’t want to do full jaw-jacking, show me Emma.”

He went on to say that the community is the couple’s first project as a developer and that they are “proud of it.”

A new bankhead community

The new bankhead apartments will provide access to a community center, a greenhouse and a community garden for tenants. Clearly, TI has chosen a position with a special connection to its bankhead upbringing.

“It’s the same K-mart that my grandma and I used to get here … buy bike parts and get out of there,” TI said. “My grandmother came to the same grocery store and didn’t like fruit, vegetables and all our groceries, fruit roll-ups and it for me.”

The video shows several permanent structures, but mainly thick, red beams. TI does not go into detail about the price point of “affordable” housing. He does not explain the qualification process or anything similar – including the name of the community. However, he is sure to address any possible shadows about his work at his old stumping ground.

“I’ve got love for everyone here, but if anyone has anything to say about me, people, don’t look at my work,” TI said. “Don’t look at me, look at my work. Watch my behavior. We can kill all the caps. “

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