Tiger’s ex-girlfriend has filed a police report alleging assault against him

Roommate, it looks like Taiga is on fire for allegedly abusing his ex-girlfriend model Camerin Swanson. According to TMZ, the ex-couple entered it after Cameron arrived at her home screaming at her. A source very close to Tiger claims that when Cameron came after not telling him, he was screaming in front of the door. The report claims that Taiga and other members of his household thought Kamarin was influenced. However, he still allowed her to enter his home, where the screaming continued.

The situation escalated while he was inside, and the report further claims that Tiga laid hands on him during an argument. After the argument, Cameron’s mother came to pick him up, and police were called to report the alleged incident, law enforcement sources said. When officers arrived at the scene, they filed a report for the deadly domestic violence and found visible signs on camera. Currently, Taiga has not been arrested for the alleged incident, but authorities went to him on Monday morning. However, he refused to talk to them.

TMZ reports that Taiga will reportedly speak to LAPD tomorrow morning to recall his incident. Cameron doesn’t seem to want to keep quiet about the incident. Shortly after the news broke, he shared photos and videos of the scars on Instagram, which he claimed came from the rapper. “@TMZ_TV, I’ve been emotionally, emotionally and physically abused, and I’m no longer hiding it,” he captioned his photo. In addition he shared a spoken text message between her and “Taste”.

Rumis, we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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