Tim Scott’s massive campaign fund could suggest he will run for president in 20224. News

Will Sen. Tim Scott run for president in 2024? The only black Republican in the U.S. Senate has raised campaign cash for his Senate re-election bid. It’s a lot of people wondering if South Carolina lawmakers have their eyes on the White House.

Fox News reports that Scott has raised about 20 20 million this year. These figures include সময় 9.6 million for the April-June quarterly fundraising period and 8. 8.3 million for the July-September period. His campaign team has confirmed that he has received 82,000 contributions in the last three months.

According to Politico, the North Charleston native’s profile has risen in the GOP since the party responded to President Joe Biden’s joint speech in Congress.

Behind the scenes, he is building a network of big and small donors at the party and easily surpassing his colleagues.

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In response to Biden’s remarks, Scott defended the American record in the race.

“Listen to me clearly. America is not a racist country. The fight against discrimination is lagging behind with all kinds of discrimination,” he said.

He added, “Race is not a political weapon to solve every problem as one party wants.” “It’s wrong to try to stop the debate in the present by using our painful past.”

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Scott, who first joined the Senate in 2013, was the first African-American senator to win an election in the South since the reorganization.

He dismissed rumors of a White House bid in 202, telling Fox News that he was focused on re-election to the Senate in 2022, which he said would be his last Senate campaign.

However, his actions indicate that the 56-year-old Scott has a bigger political plan in mind. He has visited Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two stops on the way to winning the team president nomination.

His extensive campaign in the war chest, which is constantly growing, also indicates that he has greater political aspirations.

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