Timbaland BitClub builds digital platforms

Timbaland This is making it more accessible for aspiring music makers to bring together the most sought-after artists in the music industry.

Successful producer, with whom you have worked Miss Elliott, Drake, Rihanna, Beyonc, And others, its new venture, BitClub, has announced an online bit-selling marketplace, ABC News reports.

The digital platform will connect music makers with record labels, lyricists, producers, music publishers and musicians.

“This platform is a place where producers can communicate,” says the Grammy-winning producer and lyricist. “I am the captain of the ship. But guess, if you own a ship, you can contact me and you will get better. I can point you to a Lil Dark or Lil Baby and tell them to look for this guy or girl and give that person a shot. This may be their biggest dream. ”

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Expected to launch later this year, BitClub is already there Jay Cole, Mike will make it, Mike Dean, Tenny, And Scott Starch On his list

“You’re learning financial literacy,” Timbaland added. “You’re learning resources and how to control money and business. It’s your own business. It’s a place where their tools become valuable when they think they are not.”

The verzuz The co-creators further believe that BitClub will also serve as an educational tool and bring value to its members. According to ABC News, members will retain all rights to their music and income, have full control over pricing and maintain royalties on their publications. BitClub will not charge any extra money from the platform’s customers.

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