Tiwa Savage has a message that celebrities will be exporters on intimate tape leaks

Afrobeats star Tiva Savage Revealed that he was being extorted from someone who had received an intimate video of him and his partner.

During an interview with Angie Martinez On Power 105.1 on Thursday (October), Savage said he learned that the video had been leaked earlier this week when his team received a copy of the video with money claims. He added that he “wouldn’t call it a sex tape, but a tape of me and the person I’m dating at the moment.”

Savage said his partner filmed the short video on Snapchat “and he accidentally posted it quickly and then deleted it. But someone caught it before deleting it.”

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Regarding the blackmail he is facing, Savage assumes that he is not worried about releasing the tape because it does not show him doing anything wrong.

“I pay it now and you will be back in two months, and then in two years. Who else knows? “He told Martinez.” Even if I send you money, you’ll probably give it up. I will not allow anyone to blackmail me for doing something that is normal. ”

He added: “This makes me even more angry, like, ‘No, you won’t do that to me.’ “If you want to figure it out – I’m that crazy, I could figure it out myself. You’re not making any money from it. It’s an intimate moment with someone I’m dating.”

Also during the interview, Tiva Savage opened her mouth about the pressures she has faced about how to tell her son and mother about the situation. In addition, he is refusing to give any land to his expected-exporter.

“We’re trying to stop them, so I’m just going beyond that, owning my narrative and owning it,” he said. “Because I’m not ashamed of it. This is the guy I’m dating, I’m not cheating, he’s not cheating, we grew up … you’re going to figure it out no matter what, I’m sure. And for me, it’s like, now why? For example, when the music is so good and I don’t want it to impress me. ”

See the full interview segment below.

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