To criticize the show’s ending, ‘Squid Game’ creator LeBron clapped to James: “Have you seen Space Jam 2?”

As it turns out, we weren’t just regular regulars obsessed with Netflix’s squid games. NBA superstar LeBron James was also a fan of the hit Korean drama, but he apparently didn’t like how the show ended.

In a clip that continues to make its rounds, LeBron is heard talking to his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis about the ‘squid game’ when he comes out of a press conference while the mics are still hot. AD asked LeBron if he had finished the show, and LeBron confirmed he did, but the ending left him wanting more.

“Although I didn’t like the last one,” LeBron is heard to say Eddie before the show’s main character, Seong Gi-hune, leaves. “I know they started it with the second season but, for example, get on the flight and go see your daughter, bro. Like, what are you doing? “

The show’s creator, Huang Dong-hyuk, applauded LeBron for criticizing the show, which took him several years to get on the field. “Have you seen Space Jam 2?” Huang jokingly told The Guardian before showing love to LBJ. “LeBron James is great and can say whatever he wants. I respect that. I am so grateful that he watched the whole series.

LeBron had his first major role in Space Jam: A New Legacy, although LeBron has played a number of supporting roles in film and TV for more than a decade.

Hwang encouraged LeBron to create a ‘squid game’ sequel because he was not satisfied with the ending.

“If he has his own ending that satisfies him, he can make his own sequel,” Huang continued. “I’ll check it out and probably send him a message saying, ‘I liked your whole show, except the last one.'”

Wow! Huang has bitten back a bit, but he will feel better! ‘Squid Game’ is not only a worldwide hit, Netflix’s most popular show ever. Bloomberg estimates that the show generated a value of about $ 891.1 million for the streaming giant, where it only cost ড 21.4 million to produce.

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