Together or not? Elon Musk says he and Grimes are ‘semi-isolated’

Elon Musk and Grimes are apparently not together, but somewhat together.

In an interview with Page Six, Elon said they are very good friends and they love each other despite being “semi-isolated”.

“We are semi-isolated but still we love each other, see each other frequently and are in great condition,” Musk said.

Although they are separated, the two stay together but sleep in different rooms. “It’s mostly that for my work at SpaceX and Tesla, I have to travel primarily to Texas or abroad, and his work is primarily to LA. She lives with me now, and Baby X is in the next room.

Most recently, Elon and Grimes were spotted together at the Met Gala, and it looks like they have a healthy co-parenting situation.

According to reports, the two share a one-year-old son XA-Xii. Last year, when his name was headlined, it actually had to change.

Shortly after the child’s name was revealed, it became known that legally they could not keep it as their child’s name because it went against the guidelines of the state of California. Additionally, it was reported that the child’s name would not be considered valid, as California prohibits the inclusion of numbers and / or symbols in a child’s name.

Grimes revealed to his followers that they had made some adjustments to their son’s name. One follower asked if they had changed their son’s name, and Grimes said the baby’s name was now “XA-Xii.” They replaced the number 12 with a Roman numeral.

Grimes added that he thinks the Roman numerals look better.

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