Tokara Jones defends Tyra Bank in response to ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestants’ $ 40 One Day Celebrity News

Who canceled ?! Ex America’s next best model Contestant Tokara Jones, who was present at the third round of the ANTM, was defending Tyra Banks when online people tried to dismiss her after a viral tweet from Sarah Hartshorn, nine contestants of the ANTM ring. On Twitter, Sarah reacted by paying a Twitter user $ 40 while she was on the show.

Sarah tweeted, “40 40 a day, no leftovers and we had to pay for food.” Tokara, who finished seventh in his season, stands ten fingers down behind Tyre, grateful for the opportunity, and won’t let anyone throw dirt in his name. Speaking to TMZ, he said, “I love Tyra. She’s still improving. She’s still doing well, and she’s doing well, and people are still talking about the franchise, and here we are still talking about it.”

Plus-size model Sarah added clarity to the tweet as the conversation continued. “It’s a competition,” Tokkara said. So there is no payment. I mean, when do people pay to take part in a contest or pay to take part in a contest? The whole purpose of a competition is to win a prize. You know what I can’t say? It’s about exposure. “He goes on to explain that $ 40 was basically every day that allowed women to get the personal items they needed.

Also, he shares that with his knowledge of how television works from his time at ANTM, he now collects remnants because it has not been offered to him in the past. This is not the first time former contestants have called Tyra for her behavior on a popular television show. After Danny Evans, the winner of the Cycle 6, spoke, the judges asked him to close the gap between his two front teeth. Rumi, do you think competitors should have paid for their time on the show?

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