Tori Lanez started scurrying after scrubbing her social media pages and leaving a cryptic message

Roommates, celebrities are known to take unexpected breaks from social media at any time – but when you take Tory Lanez to a lot of legal issues, endless questions start to arise. Intense speculation has already begun after Tori Lanez cleaned up her social media pages and left a mysterious message on her Twitter account.

Tori Lanez is known to be quite active on social media, as she regularly posts her new music, links-up with colleagues and interacts with her fans. However, now those same fans are scrambling to understand his recent activity on social media – and his very vague message certainly didn’t help to whisper.

After clearing her Instagram on Twitter and writing “it has become real”, many think that Terry’s alleged absence is due to her legal issues related to Megan Thi Stallion. On record, Tory began trending with many speculating that he may have been jailed for violating Megan’s restraining order against him in recent times.

However, Tory was acquitted in the case late last month because the judge released him with a stern warning that he would no longer violate the terms of the order or face imprisonment – but he was never sentenced to life in prison.

So, it adds more rumors as to why he decided to be a complete ghost on social media. Only time will tell if Tory is planning a short social media break or if he wants to leave for a while.

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