Tough fun: The best punk of October 2021

Welcome to the latest version of Tough Fun! Every month Spin What the four-letter word actually means and ideally, with an ambition to entertain readers in the process, will spotlight the best punk on the planet and discuss here. Purist, stop urinating! Everyone else, enjoy.

Halloween Hello, Ya Goules! Every day is a costume party when you live and breathe punk, if you really get into it, so consider this month’s curated list themed. (If you put it on a party, your friends won’t be disappointed. I mean, let’s say you have great friends, and your party is about 34 minutes long. These are short, blister tracks. In most cases.) I tend to treat. All Hallows Eve is like any other day, alluring cover show (almost always a good idea if you’re not cool) or a regular-shumegular punk gig where everyone does their best to Michael Myers. It can also be a bit scary, but all the good things in life are usually.

This week’s column isn’t about October 31st, but it’s a great one: full of new bands and old, international soundtracks (Greece, UK, Canada) and similarly domestic tunes (New Orleans, DC, NYC) Looking for a new band that can only have 15 minutes of material, boy, I have some good news for you. So what are you waiting for? Dive, cowardly cat.

Imploader, Imploader

The only good thing to get out of the COVID-19 epidemic is the hardcore band Upstarts born out of monotony. (Take a pinch of salt – the global health crisis, the deaths of millions of innocents and the hardest example of global government failure we’ve seen in a minute, I have no new band. But it’s not reality, at least punks are good.) The impolders and their self-titled debut, now on Vancouver’s Neon Test Records, are a very specific itch for me (i.e., any band associated with that description without the feeling of a 1980s Los Angeles hXc worship specifically arising.) You’ll love it.

Feast base, Feast Beige

Acclaimed by critics of the London-based evocative post-punk dry cleaning, Art School surpasses Cool. Don’t believe? Try the Beige Feast for size. (Even the name of their band highlights the absurdity of our worldly life under late capitalism – a middle-class, colorless food, overeating.) Their four-track self-titled EP Cowboys, motor drum machines, and monotonous full. Vocalists across the gender spectrum, each singer using their accents in the most delicious English fashion. I want to see them in a room full of faceless faces.

Paprika, Paprika

My best bet is to avoid a joke here with a spice cassette from New Orleans Paprika – it’s right there, and it hurts – I’ll leave it to you: across six tracks, the band has released one of the most powerful hardcore debuts of the year, On Greed A straight-to-juggernaut attack and all the villainous system elevated by the amoral plutocrat class. (My favorite? “Excess / Greedy Glue Fuck / Hose You can do without compulsory benefits and supply reduction / helpless vulgar fuck / Separation from you shoots” in 48-second “compulsory benefits”)

Drama, Emotional plague

It’s rare for bandcamp genre tags to lead to conceptual insights – rather, some unforgivable algorithms make the best use of space for artists to classify themselves before they do it – but Dramachin’s label Erste Theke Tontraeger may be the best use of the band’s ΣΥΓΚΙΙΟΛΛΛΚΚΙΙΟΛΛΚΛΚΙΙΝΛΛΚΛΚΙΙΟΛΛΛΚΛΚΙΙΟΛΛΚΛΚΙΙΝΛΛΛΚΛΚΙΙΟΛΠΛΚΛΙΙΙΝΛΛΛΛΛΛΚΙΙΗ “space. Unlike Ohio’s Geeky Art Rock ancestors, Dramachin doesn’t pay much attention to the genre title: this punk release raps through Coldwave, Synth-y Post-Punk, and the Greek MC sci-fi river “Φεύγουμε Εδώ Εδώ (from here) . ”They are living in the future, and we’re just listening to it.

Anti-machine, anti-machine

Here’s the deal: there’s very little about the anti-machine, the latest and greatest hardcore band in Brooklyn, but the self-titled EP Out of their debut in Toxic State speaks for itself. And if a vocalist’s acidic tongue sounds familiar to you, you’re not hallucinating. He is Walker Behl, a former frontman / deranged genius of Crazy Spirit (RIP) and others. If you only have time for one, “Euthanize” is the real reaper.

Hologram, No more human

Not to be confused with the nice and sadly short-lived Swedish synth-pop post-punk hologram (signed on captured tracks and also worthy of your attention), DC’s hologram is here with their first full-length, No more human. Throughout 16 minutes, it’s absolutely nine tracks of brutal hardcore, punctuated by real moments, Borderline Black Punk (“Deprivation Fantasy,” someone?) In fact, the deaf D-beat and the foggy basement punk are very good, the LP is already sold out. Don’t you hate when it happens? Haunted.

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