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By Rate Good

Editor’s note: This is the first installment in a series of blog posts by actor and choreographer Rat Gutter. He has appeared in numerous roles since 2005, including Tom Tucker HMS Pinafor, Inside Tommy Gilas Music Man, Peter inside Peter and Starcatcher, And this year as The Pirate King The Pirates of Penzance And inside Houdini Ragtime. He also choreographed this season The Greenshow And has choreographed the last asons Music Man, Peter and Starcatcher, And Anything goes.

Hey, rate gutter here! I’m glad to let you know that I’ll be taking the Utah Shakespeare blog for the next few weeks! I’m appearing as an actor and choreographer this season, and while Utah Shakespeare is celebrating its sixtieth season, this is my eighth!

My first few seasons at the festival I was a tour guide on the backstage tour. It was a great way for a couple to make extra money in the summer. We will start at 10:15 in the lobby of the Randall L. Jones Theater. Although it was my job to explain to the patrons the internal workings of the festival, in fact, I will learn the most about the festival during that trip. . . . Let me explain. At one point on the tour, when I was presenting enough information to fill someone’s head, I would turn the conversation over to the patrons. I often asked what people had seen or planned to see; The answers to these questions were generally positive and commendable and revealed the real reason they stayed there.

Patrons will share with me how many years they have visited, where they like to stay or eat, how much they have liked The Greenshow And tarts, or any national park they planned to stop on their way home. They spoke briefly about the plays; They were much more interested in sharing their heritage. Somewhere between the Randall Theater and the now-retired Adams Shakespeare Theater, I realized that it was a tradition, sometimes passed down through generations, that was the lifeblood of the festival. Much like Disneyland, people came here to create memories. (I don’t know why it surprised me so much; after all, founder Fred C. Adams loved Disney!)

This year has been a little different, I can’t give backstage tours, and there has been very little interaction with the audience. However, I still want to hear about your favorite memories and traditions at the festival. Please give me a note at rhett@rhettmagic.com from this year or last year. I hope to know more about you.

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