Transgender comedian Flame Monroe defends Dave Chappell’s LGBTQ + jokes

Black shemale comedian, Flame MonroeComing to its defense Dave Chappell And its Netflix special Nearby Following the response he received.

Speaking to TMZ, Monroe said that joking about the LGBTQ + community is not limited to what is unique to the world of fair play and comedy.

“As a comedian, I believe I don’t want to be censored,” he says. “The world has become very censored.”

Adding, “All of this, what you can and can’t say is ridiculous. Comedians are kept in the world, and the safest place for us in the world is on stage to listen to an interested audience. We say things that other people are afraid to say.” Gets, and we say their optimism in a fun way, so you use your own mind to think critically and think for yourself. ”

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If you miss it, according to CNN, some of Chappell’s comments about the heterosexual and LGBTQ + community are considered disappointing.

Despite the criticism, Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos The new trick is protecting the special. In an October 8 email from The Verge and Variety to employees of the company, the executive supported the special:

He wrote, “Many of you have asked where we draw the line of hatred. We do not approve headlines on Netflix that are designed to incite hatred or violence and we do not believe that closure has crossed that line.” “I admit that it’s hard to distinguish between comment and loss, especially the stand-up comedy that exists to raise boundaries,” Sarandos wrote to staff. “Some people find the stand-up industry exciting but our members enjoy it and it’s an important part of our content.”

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