Transgender employees at Netflix report that Dave Chappell is planning a walkout on October 20 in protest of the stand-up special.

#Roommates, if you think the controversy surrounding Dave Chappell’s latest Netflix stand-up special ‘The Closure’ is over, you would be very wrong এবং and this new development signals that things are going to get more complicated. According to a new report, Netflix’s transgender workers plan to walk out next week in protest of Netflix’s support for Dave Chappell and its refusal to withdraw the special from its streaming service.

Despite the response he received due to his stand-up comedy special ‘The Closure’, in response to Netflix standing firmly behind Dave Chappell, the employees of the selected company are ready to take a stand. Lywood Hollywood Reporter reports that all transgender Netflix employees (and those who are partners in the LGBTQ + community) are planning to walkout on October 20. ‘The Closure’ is still available to stream. The move comes as Netflix reinstated three employees suspended earlier this week for crashing a company meeting for high-level employees.

Trans staff members circulated a memo detailing their plans to protest, the report said. “Trans Lives Matter. Trans Rights Matter. And as an organization, Netflix continues to publish content that harms the trans community and continues to fail to create content that represents and promotes trans content. We can and must do better! “

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos sent a memo to all current Netflix employees regarding the Dave Chapel controversy এবং and he not only made it clear that there would be a stand-up special ‘closure’, three Netflix employees (Trans employee Terra Field) Including, who publicly criticized Chappell) was also suspended for attempting to crash a company meeting that was only for high-level employees.

Sarandos’s memo reads in part:

“I wanted to follow up on‘ The Closer ’- a recent special from Dave Chappell – as many of you have followed QBR by asking Tubby what to say to your teams. It never feels good when people, especially our colleagues, get in trouble, so I wanted to give you some extra context. You should be more aware that some talent will join a third party and ask us to remove the show the next day, which is not what we are going to do.

Dave Chappell also responded earlier, saying “I like it if it’s canceled.”

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