Travis Scott speaks in his first interview since the AstroWorld tragedy

It’s been a month since the tragic incident at Houston at Travis Scott’s annual Astroworld Festival. Following the news of the initial death and injury, Travis briefly expressed his displeasure in a statement and in a video. However, as the death toll continues to rise, he has remained verbally silent on the incident Case Continue stacking up.

In her first interview after the tragic incident, Travis opened up Charlamagan tha khoda About the incident and shared how he is dealing with the situation after this year’s festival. He also talks about the misconceptions that people may have about his role in the whole situation and much more.

When asked how he was feeling, Travis said, “I mean a variety of emotional, emotional roller coasters. It becomes so difficult because I have always felt connected to my fans. I went through something, and I think the fans went through something, it hurts. It hurts a community, it hurts a city. It’s just a lot of thinking and a lot of feeling, grief and trying to get my head around it. “

Travis also shared that he was hesitant about the interview, but he wanted to find the best way to communicate his emotions behind the unfortunate situation.

He was asked if he heard any shouts from the crowd in his song, and he said, “Nah man… and it’s so crazy I’m that artist too. Any time you hear something like this, you want to stop the show. You want to make sure that fans get the attention they need. Any time I saw something like this, I did it. I paused a few times to make sure everyone was OK. “

Travis agrees that as an artist on stage it is difficult to tell the difference between danger and excitement because he encounters thousands of people, lighting, music, ear-rings and much more.

In the days following the tragedy, Travis was also criticized for the angry atmosphere on his show. Charlemagne asked if he thought it might contribute to the energy on the night of the festival. “Yeah no … I think it’s something I’ve been working on for a while trying to create these experiences and try to show these experiences happening in a safe environment,” Travis said. “As our artists, we trust the professionals to make things happen and people leave safely, and it was like a regular event, it seemed to me.”

He goes on to say that the energy people brought to the show was for a good time and not to be detrimental. Unfortunately, something happened, and they need to find out exactly what it was.

Watch the full interview below:

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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