Two new plays announced – Utah Shakespeare Festival

The Utah Shakespeare Festival’s Words Cubed Program for New Drama Development will introduce viewers to two exciting and insightful plays this season: The Virgin Queen fools him Will play August 13, 14, 25 and 27. Polar Bears, Black Boys, and Prairie Friendly Orchids Will take place on August 20, 21, 22, and August 2. Ellen and Allen Annes at the Studio Theater in the morning: Readings on stage begin at 30 minutes. Tickets are on sale by calling 800-PLAYTIX, visiting the ticket office of the Beverly Center for the Arts in person, or visiting www.bard.org.

“The opportunity to conduct a process where playwrights sit in a room each week with talented actors and insightful directors choose the bits, intentions and special words of a play – and change them when needed – to thrill the more powerful part of the theater for a development.” Derek Charles Livingston is the new drama development / artistic associate director. “Words Cubed” is a privilege and responsibility festival that offers these works and the wider world of theater. ”

The playwright Michael Hollinger introduces his play, The Virgin Queen fools him, With his tongue firmly on his cheek: “It’s 1570 কিছু something, in an unfamiliar European country, and Queen Adalia মা the mother of us all দ্রুত is dying fast. The army is raising. But the Virgin Queen alleviates her suffering by entertaining Poppy and her idiots. (Murder Bald! Doll! Fort Jokes!) What will a private councilor do to settle the matter and save the state? It’s a tragedy, albeit a motel. “

Hollinger is a rich and well-known playwright, having numerous productions across the country, off-Broadway and abroad. Awards include a Steinberg New Play Citation from the American Theater Critics Association, the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award, four Barrymore Awards, and more.

The playwright Vincent Terrell Durham says Polar Bears, Black Boys, and Prairie Friendly Orchids “Yes An invitation A look at their last-minute cocktail party hosted by a plain white couple at their newly renovated Harlem Brownstone. Molly Castle and her husband Peter Jackan, a Black Lives Matter activist; His plus one, Shamica; A business owner and author; And recently killed twelve-year-old mother Rita Dupree. Through cocktail conversations, humorous and overpowering, emotions and problems quickly reveal some of the complexities of contemporary America.

Durham is a playwright, poet and writer. Born in Binghamton, New York, he first honored his storytelling skills by acting as a stand-up comic across the country. He has written several full-length plays, as well as more than thirty short plays and numerous others.

There will be periodic readings of these plays after discussion among playwrights, actors and audience members. “Post-lesson discussions provide a unique opportunity to engage in conversations with the audience about the work of playwrights,” Livingston said. “In our process, playwrights ask questions to the audience as well as listen to the responses of these clever theater-goers who like the new work. The focus of this artist-audience interaction is firmly fixed on the play.

Words Cubed is designed to nurture the new work of nationally recognized and emerging playwrights and to allow their drama workshops in front of their audiences and then to receive feedback from actors and audiences.

In addition to Words cubed readings, regular season two drama tickets for the festival are also on sale. 2021 season included Error Comedy, Pericles, Richard III, The Pirates of Penzance, Ragtime, Intimate Clothing, Symboline, And Horrible comedy.

Note: The plays in this series are written for contemporary adult audiences, and some plays may have themes and language that are not suitable for children and some may seem offensive.

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