Tyra Banks says she’s channeling the sweetie with her laid baby’s hair

Tyra Banks always brings a fresh energy to her random moments! This is definitely one of his latest videos where he is discussing his glam. She shares with fans that the effect behind her laying and killing edge is a papier-mch sweetie.

As you may have already seen, Sweetie is a star that jumps over the edge and tears every.single.time. And for those of us who actually comb our ends, we know that keeping the look of the perfect baby hair is not an easy task.

Still, Tyra didn’t shy away from the challenge of fixing those kids ’hair. The supermodel, host and entrepreneur has shared with fans that she has asked her glam team to combine baby hair similar to the “My Type” singer’s hair.

“Sweetie darling,” Tyra says in the selfie video. “And Honey, I’m channeling your baby’s hair. I said give me Sweetie Baby Hair Honey.

The laid edges act as icing on top for the jumbo corn. Tyra looks like a metallic silver string in her hair. In terms of clothing, the supermodel seemed ready to share her. The dress resembles a broken mirror that cuts the spectacles into pieces and shapes the hair.

After Tyra pointed to her baby’s hair, she proceeded to talk about which dress would match the earrings. At the time, she was at odds with two styles: hoops and drop earrings.

Before completely closing the conversation on the earrings, he also pointed to the steady sound coming from his ear device tire even letting us hear the reaction of the communication device.

“You hear those sounds,” Tyra said. “Just like when you go to the doctor and you say it hurts and then you go to the doctor and it doesn’t hurt. It’s not doing it for you right now. I get that reaction on my ears from time to time on live TV.”

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