Tyres Files Motion Celebrity News to stop demanding legal fees for divorced wives

When it comes to marriage, unfortunately, not all relationships stand the test of time. Tyres is reportedly going through legal trouble because his estranged wife Samantha Gibson came in for his money. If you think about it, the ex-couple announced their separation in ‘Village’ in December 2020, and although they said they wanted to be best friends, that doesn’t seem to be the result.

In January, we reported that Samantha was trying to get $ 20ka a month in child support from Tyres, but, according to Sandra Rose, the fight was not over. Sources close to the singer have complained that he submitted a proposal to dismiss the unreasonable attorney’s fee after submitting an appearance to represent Samantha as the third attorney’s chief counsel. As a result, Samantha now has a legal team consisting of three attorneys, running a huge tab for which Tyres will be responsible.

In a motion filed by Tyrase’s attorney, Tania Mitchell Graham, she claims that Samantha has positioned herself in a light that makes her feel like a victim of Tyrace. Court documents obtained by Sandra Rose show that Samantha is still seeking $ 20k a month for child support for their 3-year-old daughter, Soraya Gibson. However, he tried to settle the issue of child support without the intervention of the court through personal mediation. Also, the report claims that he has asked the court to approve a “special master” and to hold an emergency hearing when there is no such emergency due to the problem.

At the moment, neither Tyres nor Samantha have opened their mouths about the news. The divorced couple is reportedly going to court for their final divorce hearing in Fulton County Superior Court in central Atlanta on Dec. 6-7. Friends of the house, we will keep you updated when more information is available.

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