USPS postmen reportedly stole thousands of credit cards from mail as part of a 750,000 identity theft ring

# Roommates, USPS is often criticized for being slower than competing delivery services, and this latest news will surely intensify that criticism. According to reports, four USPS postal workers stole more than a thousand credit cards from the mail, including a $ 750,000 identity theft ring.

YNYPost reports, 13 people, nine outside suspects and four USPS postal workers (including three from New York City) have recently been charged by the Manhattan Supreme Court with conspiracy and widespread looting. USPS employees have been accused of stealing thousands of credit cards from personal mail in support of the $ 750,000 identity theft crime ring. Their crimes were allegedly committed between January 2017 and August 2019, as specified by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The names of the accused New York postal workers have been identified as Kenisha Murrell, 36, Karkuyan Highsmith, 31, Bruce Bienvenue, 31, and Kenneth Freeman, Jr., 25.

The leader of the organization is said to be 37-year-old Michael Richards, who alleged that he swiped more than a thousand credit cards that other co-conspirators then used to buy a large collection of high-value products from luxury retailers. The district attorney’s office said in a press release that “Richards paid the mail carriers different amounts depending on how well the cards were stolen.”

Additional parts of the identity theft operation involve allegations of using online databases to retrieve personally identifiable information about cardholders to activate credit cards. Once those stolen cards were received, the luxury goods were purchased from retailers such as Hermes, Bloomingdale, Chanel and Louis Vuitton – then sold in cash or returned to a store for credit which was later sold.

Another suspect, Justin Forgeny, 33, of Brooklyn, and Tatiana Smith, 34, are responsible for this part of the crime ring.

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