Vicky’s strategy affects how intensely he’s acting

Vicky’s strategy will soon be seen in Sardar Udham. The film is directed by Sujit Sirkar and produced by Ronnie Lahiri. In this film the actor will portray the part of Sardar Udham Singh and talk about how much effort he put into composing the part recently.

Speaking to a leading daily on the same subject, he said, “As part of my process, I always believe in reaching out to the character and somewhere in the middle that character extends his hand and comes back to me. From there, you just hold on to that arm and There are beautiful marriages that happen during filming.In that process, subconsciously, you are always engulfed by that world, that character trait and color.You consciously happen to know that you are always carrying many aspects of the role with you.Udham Singh always Lived with me and continues to do so today.You tend to formulate between action and cut, but yes, some part of it is always with you.

He adds, “You don’t speak lines or methods consciously, but sometimes, your family notices something and they point – and say, ‘You’re looking away’, ‘You’re feeling different’, ‘There’s a different feeling for you. “Over time, they understand the nature of the work and they tend to give you space. But when they respond that way, I know that something significant has changed in me. And you like to be there. I like to admit that my Personality and my behavior have changed, but you don’t want to analyze it, you just want to flow with that shift.

Sardar Udham will be released digitally on October 16, 2020.

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