Video: Behind the scenes with Mizan Jafri

Young blood, restless and ready to take on new challenges, Along Jafri is ready to show the world what he has. The young actor made his promising debut in 2019 through Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Malala and his latest release is Comedy King, Priyadarshan’s Hangama 2.

Sending waves with his talent, AlongAlso quite eye-catching with the look and the presence of his screen. Ever since his debut where he showed a vague look at the chocolate clean-shaven guy in Hangama 2, Along‘Women are floating on the tail.

Capturing her charm and style against the picturesque and drunken background of the Victoria Terminus in South Bombay, Along Shot with him for his first cover and has to die for the pictures. Playing music to Rohan Shrestha, Along The shoots float in the air in autumn colors as they walk and pose around the Times of India building. The nuted sound shadow, simple silhouette and that charming face, this stem was all served by calm and charisma Along.

We are taking you behind the scenes to show you what we are saying. Let’s see.

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