Vince Neil fell from the stage and rushed to the hospital

Vince Neal fell from the stage and was taken to hospital yesterday. Singer Mötley Crüe was playing monsters at the Tennessee Pigeon Forge Mountain Festival. Neil and his solo band Mötley Crüe were performing the classic “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” as he walked past the stage to encourage the crowd to clap. He catches a mistake and sinks to the edge of the stage, causing the ribs to break.

Someone in the crowd has captured footage of the incident, which you can see below.

The band finished the set with vocalist Jeff Blando handling the vocals. According to, Neil’s injury occurred in the middle of the gig and the band performed four songs without him (Led Zeppelin’s “Hole Lota Love”, “Black Sabbath’s” Heaven and Hell, “Mule Cree’s” Live Wire “and Van Helen’s” Poundcake “). ).

Bassist Dana Strum Aimed at the crowd After taking Neil to the hospital. “The truth is, Vince fell and broke his ribs. He is unable to breathe and will be treated medically, ”Strum said. He is very excited to be here. He lives in Tennessee. But he was willing to hold on to it and tighten it when people here told him ‘don’t do it.’ Let’s have a compliment for this guy. “

Fortunately, Vince Neal will have plenty of time to recover before he travels to Malay Cree Stadium with Def Leopard, Poison and Joan Jet next June.

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