Watch Blake China leave on a fan at the airport, ask the woman to vaccinate (video)

Blake sent China to the edge in the face of a fan at an airport in Miami this weekend.

The reality star was recorded screaming at a woman who allegedly asked him for a picture while she was at an airport terminal on Sunday, TMZ reported.

In the video, Black China is seen looking like a blue or purple ombre wig and standing in the terminal with her bodyguards in a colorful outfit when she yells at someone to “F *** vaccinate” and “stop being stupid”, j *! ”

Eyewitnesses say a woman holding a baby approached him to ask for the picture, when Black China complained that the woman started abusing him about how to better vaccinate him.

Towards the end of the video, Black China begins to go about where he came from and where he has street credit. The people around her were shocked to see her reaction to the woman.

You can watch a clip of the event below:

If you can’t stand up for immunization or not get vaccinated, if you can’t speak with a black Chinese voice, then of course China has been vaccinated.

He got his shot earlier this year while he was live. Although some people questioned why he did not wear a mask because he shouted at the woman.

“Even though he doesn’t have a mask,” said a roommate.

“Why is he screaming without a mask ????” Another asked.

Then there were a few others who defended the Chinese in this situation.

One roommate said, “Stay away from these celebrities, they are the first people.”

Even Jocelyn Hernandez screams with her two cents. “Baby sometimes people bother you so much that you become like F. I’m going here.”

What are all your thoughts about the interaction? Let us know.

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