Watch the awkward meeting and greetings of LL Cool J and Jedda Shaves (Video)

A viral video of Joyda Shaves meeting hip hop legend LL Cool J for the first time has caused a stir on social media streets.

The impossible pairing met backstage at the BET Hip Hop Awards and the situation couldn’t have been more awkward.

Joyda, who was swaying the gown through a watch embracing all her curves, looked small next to someone of LL’s height.

In the video, the two shared smiles as well as posed for a quick photo. After the camera flashed, LL Cool J reached out to Joyda to take her hand and told her it was a “pleasure”, but Joyda strangely turned her face away from him and hung him up.

You can see the exchange below:

While some people on social media have accused Joyda Shaves of disliking LL Cool JK, others have said it appears she was actually nervous to meet him.

“She’s not being treated like her fan … I’m crying,” one roommate joked.

“Was she scared of him or something?” Another roommate said.

But Joyda herself decided to clear the air about the uncomfortable confrontation, telling fans that she didn’t want to disrespect LL in any way, no matter what it looked like.

Joyda began, “I don’t really want you to think I was disrespectful.” “I’m super friendly, super bubbly.”

He then explained that he was rehearsing backhar for his part on the show when a “PR” friend tapped him in contrast to a photo with LL.

“I was already just nervous. So when I meet him, I love him but I instantly go cold, ”he said.

He added that when he felt his tap, he thought his friend was trying to get him to do something else. As you can see, Joyda can explain what happened below:

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