We thought of casting a transgender person – Chandigarh Car Aashiqui Director Abhishek Kapoor

Filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor This day is in Cloud Nine. His latest movie, Chandigarh car Aashiqui He has won acclaim from various parts of the country and has received some high acclaim from the LGBTQ community. Although the movie has been praised for its sensitive treatment of transgender people, many have questioned why a transgender person was not cast in the movie. Bani Kapoor. In an exclusive chat with Filmfare, Abhishek Kapoor replied.

“We’ve thought about casting a transgender person as a human being before but this is the first time we’re doing it. No one in this country has done a film like that, at least and to understand it and build accessibility, I thought it was important to cast a top woman for the film.” Not sure which major lady would do it because the more they are in the star quotient, the more insecure they are and the more anxious they are about the stigma they could come up with ৷, I felt, the most ready to make this jump in her career. I sent him the script and the way he responded … he accepted it immediately, he liked it but he was worried about how we would present it, “he said.

Abhishek Kapoor with Bani Kapoor and Ayushman Khurana

“It’s not the last movie, it’s the first movie of its kind to be made, and the kind of casting we’ve done, the kind of response this story has and the kind of house it has entered … there’s an understanding of the trans community and from here you can see when trans people Cast for the role, I think it opened the door, it started the conversation. I think the decision I made was right because we have a higher purpose. As you compare it to the West, you have a transgender person who has just performed Won the Golden Globe for. I think we’re still lagging behind the West. In this movie, I think, we’ve tried to take at least some big steps. We make some movies and we will cast transgender people in this role. I think we will fill this gap soon, “he added. .

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