We’re obsessed with this $ 40 wrong fur lounge pillow

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s completely obsessed with this. Target buyers also like it. Check out some reviews below.

“Wow, this thing is very comfortable and everyone in my house fights for it. As it is gray it matches everything in our house and gives some space some extra comfort. The cover can be removed so it’s very easy to clean.”

“I loved the size and feel of this lounger! It was perfect for movie nights, bedtime and sleeping time. You can also use it as a balloster! The color is neutral and it looks very soft and smooth … I loved that it was a There’s a wash cover and hopefully it’s better to wash it off, and the rest. “

“I wasn’t sure what I would think when I first saw it. I’ve never heard of a lounge pillow before. It’s quite a good size and very comfortable. The floor. I like that it includes ties so you can roll it up and save it. He just loves to spend time in it. He has seen some movies on it in the living room and even sat in it while working on crafts. A great holiday gift I think. Couldn’t recommend more! “

“Love it and such a great idea! It fits perfectly on my sofa for extra comfort and convenience, especially this autumn / winter months. Fake fur is also very soft to the touch!”

“It’s a nice mat / pillow! It’s really quite a gray color. It has a pattern on one side, smooth on the other. It’s well made and made with quality materials. There are nice little tassels in every corner. It’s fun. Don’t pull. Best of all, it’s very soft and comfortable. We like it. “

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