Where to find Clinic Black Honey Lipstick before it is sold

TikTok users aren’t the only ones jumping on Clinic Black Honey. Check out these rev reviews from Sephora buyers to see if your product needs a little more trust to try.

One reviewer said, “Usually I have a hard time finding a shade that doesn’t make me look too young or old. This shade goes with everything perfect and literally. Tic Tac Toe was right, buy it as soon as possible.”

One fan of the product wrote, “It’s a classic for a reason. It’s light, flattering and easy to wear. I wear minimal makeup and it works well for that!”

Another shouted, “Seriously. Best.thing.ever. I bought it since it was trending to the ticket and I like to try new products but it’s probably one of my top 3 makeup things. It’s the perfect color for my skin tone. And really.” Match any skin tone. It’s still delicate but still beautiful and your lips must change. Also texture !! SOOO Smooth !! “

“I’m obsessed with this lipstick. It’s shiny like a gloss but a lipstick has the ability to stay. The color is not too dark or overdramatic but a beautiful, light reddish that compliments the tone of my Asian skin. I like the skinny tube because it’s used. Makes it easy.

Another buyer who was persuaded by the Tiktok community said, “It was a Tiktok purchase! I love this color. If it’s not true for Tiktok, I didn’t think to try it. It really brings out a natural beautiful color for you.” Lips. It’s not sticky at all. I’m hopeful it’s conditioning as everyone says. It’s a small tube but I think it’s worth it because it’s so unique. You’re on the fence, I think you should try it. If you see it available, jump into it. When I first tried to buy it it sold out. I know when it was available. “

“Perfect color! At first I was scared when I opened the tube because the product looks so dark but it’s the perfect color level when applied. Advise to go to your purse if you need your choice very quickly. Me-up,” shared one buyer.

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