Where to stay in Cape Cod, M.A.

The Cape Cod of Massachusetts has a cozy town and a spectacular long coastline with picturesque lighthouses to explore. The New England Peninsula is the perfect destination for sea lovers. But where do you stay in the Cape Code for the best experience?

The Outer Cape area is a great option away from the mainland. Other places to stay while visiting Cape Cod are Lower Cape, Mid Cape and Upper Cape.

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Where to stay in Cape Cod, M.A.

  • Outer Cape – Cape Cod Hotel is far away
  • Lower Cape – Convenient and peaceful
  • Central Cape – a central location
  • Upper Cape – The closest to the mainland
  • Cape Cod Hotel Search
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Where to stay in the Cape Code FAQ

You will find answers to some frequently asked questions about where to stay in Cape Cod, MA

Which is the best area to stay in Cape Cod?

The best area to stay on the outskirts of Cape Cape is for both solitude and liveliness. Cape Cod National Seashore offers tranquility and mile after mile of untouched beaches. If you want more vitality, you’ll find it in Province Town on the northern tip of the peninsula and in the outer cape. But other Cape Cod areas are also quite good and offer better access to the mainland, Nantucket and Martha vineyards.

Which is the most beautiful city in Cape Cod?

The most beautiful city in Cape Cod depends on what you are doing. Provincetown is a fun and popular city where there are many great Cape Cod places to stay. But there are many fantastic Cape Cod cities to stay on the New England Peninsula and each city offers something different.

How many days do you need in Cape Code?

Cape Cod is a great place for a fun weekend and long beach vacation. It is possible to visit many peninsulas in just one weekend, but you need more time to fully embrace the Cape Cod lifestyle.

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