Where to stay near the Dinosaur National Memorial, CO / UT

The Dinosaur National Monument is located on the border of Utah and Colorado. Dinosaurs roamed the area and their remains were preserved in the park along deep ravines and the Gogling River. The monument is one of the most unique places in America to visit. But where to stay near the Dinosaur National Memorial for the best experience?

Utah City Vernal provides accommodation for a very convenient dinosaur national monument. At Vernal you find the Dinosaur National Memorial Hotels a short drive from the fascinating monument.

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Where to stay near the Dinosaur National Memorial, CO / UT

Frequently Asked Questions at the Dinosaur National Memorial

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about where to stay near the Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado / Utah.

Where should I be when visiting the Dinosaur National Monument?

The nearest town with a good selection of places to stay near the Dinosaur National Monument is Vernal. The small town Jensen and the dinosaurs are other options in this area but they offer a very limited selection of dinosaur monument lodging.

Which is the nearest city to the Dinosaur National Memorial?

The nearest town to the Utah edge of Vernal and small Jensen Park. Further east, a small dinosaur next to Colorado is the nearest town to the Dinosaur National Monument.

How long does it take to see a dinosaur monument?

In just a few hours you can explore the famous dinosaur fossils at the Query Exhibit. But the Dinosaur National Monument covers a wide area that has a lot more to see. So make sure you add time for hiking, petroglyphs and other park activities.

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