Why Melania Trump wanted to send mirrors to African children National

A new book by Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump The former top aide claims he wanted to send full-length mirrors to children in the African country of Malawi.

According to InternalInspired to send a mirror to the former First Lady after a trip to Malawi in the summer of October 2018, she wrote, “As soon as we returned to the United States, she wanted us to send a full-length mirror to school. We need to send school. Mirrors. Too strong or too beautiful. “

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In the summer book, in the title I’ll take your questions now: What I saw at the Trump White House, He claimed that his staff was “surprised” when they visited Chipala Primary School when the children asked them to take pictures of them on their phones “so that they could see what they looked like.”

Grisham further wrote that when Mrs. Trump insisted on taking pictures, the request was denied. Lindsay Reynolds, Who served as his chief of staff at the time. The White House Counselor’s Office also called Trump’s mirror request a “liability.”

Grisham wrote, “Only my opinion, but I didn’t really believe it was true.” Everyone in the White House thought they were experts in communication; It was the story of my life. ”

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