Why StringFellow is accused of sexual misconduct

Positions are breaking down after three female band members accused Ken Stringfellow (who has also starred with REM and Big Star) of various types of sexual misconduct.

An in-depth story on the allegations against Stringfellow was published Monday by KUOW, a public radio station at the University of Washington, which details the boring and graphic events of the 1990s.

According to KUOW, one defendant said Stringfellow forcibly had sex with her in a men’s room at a hotel in San Francisco, while a second woman, who was sleeping in a hotel room upstairs at the time of the incident, said she was in a hotel. Offensive relationship with Stringfellow, which began in 2015.

A third woman said the stringfellow bit her hand when she pulled him back from the show, leaving marks and hitting him. He further added that he woke up one morning to have sex with Stringfellow. “

Four additional women have spoken to the station and accused Stringfellow of biting them without their consent.

In a statement to KUOW, Stringfellow denied allegations of physical assault, manipulation and forced sexual harassment.

Stringfellow said, “I was never in anything, I was never in anything rough. “I was exposed to extreme violence as a teenager. I’m sensitive to aggression, and it’s not something I can live around. I am not violent. I never want to hurt anyone. ”

In an additional emailed statement, Stringfellow added, “I never want to harm anyone I have a relationship with – sexually or otherwise. The basis of my every sexual relationship is consent, and violence has never been a part of that relationship. It’s not just. That I respect women as individuals. “

However, his bandmates in Pozis said they would no longer work with Stringfellow and would trust his accusers.

Defendants have all come forward in public, and have since linked to social media to share their stories. Podis members announced their dismissal from the band shortly after hearing the allegations. Singer John Auer says: “I met Kane in a phone call on August 4, 2021 and canceled our upcoming shows and flat-out told him I would no longer work with him.”

Drummer Frankie Syragusa, who joined the band fairly recently, said: “I had a lot of tour posters hanging on my wall and I had a lot of pozy staff from the tour to perform at my house. I took them all down. “

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