Will Smith says he avoided making films about slavery

His upcoming GQ Cover story for the November 2021 issue, actor Will Smith Why he avoided taking a stand about slavery

“I always avoid making films about slavery,” he said. “Early in my career … I didn’t want to show black people in that light.”

He added, “I wanted to be a superhero. So I wanted to portray black superiority alongside my white colleagues. I wanted to play a character that you would give to Tom Cruise. And at first I thought it was ‘Django’, but I didn’t want to portray slavery in revenge. . ”

Quentin TarantinoIts film Django unchained Acting Jamie Foxx Released in 2012, and Smith first opened his mouth in 2015 about rejecting the role.

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He revealed in a roundtable interview Hollywood Reporter That, “It was about the creative side of the story. To me, it’s the perfect story you could ever ask: a man can learn how to kill to restore his wife who was taken as a slave. That idea is perfect. And that’s right. That’s Quentin and I can’t see [eye to eye]. I wanted to tell the biggest love story I’ve ever seen in African Americans.

The rapper-actor noted that when he wanted to make the Django movie “badly”, he wanted to turn the film into a love story, not a revenge story.

“I don’t believe in violence as a response to violence,” he said.

But his next project, Release, Will show him in a different light; Smith plays Peter, a fugitive slave. The AppleTV + movie “The Scorched Back” is based on true events and widely acclaimed film. The picture is of Peter’s back, which was severely bruised from being whipped; It was published Freedom 1863 and then Harper’s Weekly.

Smith said he took on the role because: “It was about love and the power of black love.”

“And it was something I could rock with. We were going to make a story about how black love makes us invincible.

Read Will Smith’s GQ interview here.

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