Withdrawal of murder charge of former Minneapolis policeman Mohammad Noor National

The Minnesota Supreme Court is overturning Mohammad Noor Convicted of third-degree perverted-mind murder in death Justin Ruszcyzk Damond In 2017.

CBS Minnesota According to a report filed in court on Wednesday (September 15th), the state Supreme Court has acquitted the former Minneapolis police officer of murder and sent the case to the district court where he will be convicted of his second-degree murder. .

The verdict claims that the mental state required to kill a deranged mind is “a general indifference to human life” which cannot exist when the defendant’s actions are “specifically directed at the person killed.”

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In March, Nur’s lawyer filed an application with the Minnesota Supreme Court to hear the case, following a Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling earlier this year upholding the 2019 sentence for Damon’s shooting death.

So far, Nur has spent almost 0 months in jail. He was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison after a jury convicted him of third-degree murder and second-degree murder. That same month, Damond’s family received 20 million in the largest police settlement in Minneapolis history at the time.

The Russian family issued a statement following the news of the court’s ruling: “Our family woke up this morning to the news of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision that our beloved Justin was not considered a murderer under Mohammed Noor’s depressing and stupid Minnesota law.” CBS falls in part, according to Minnesota. “We’re heartbroken again, because we agreed with the trial court, the lower appeals court and, most importantly, the jury of Minnesota residents who believe it.”

Nur was convicted in the case George Floyd Because he was a black policeman who was convicted of killing a white woman, he spoke to a former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, A white officer who was convicted of killing a black man and later sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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