Women allege Karen cheated citizens The non-profit organization Haiti-Karen wants to build a park for children

As marketing and media men come forward with fraudulent allegations about Karen Civil, a woman on Twitter complained that Karen Civil did just that with a non-profit organization in Haiti called “Sow A Seed”.

According to a woman who approached Melissa Prator on Twitter, Civil complained in 2014 that she “tried to make a full profit” as an ambassador from the organization. Melissa claims she reached out to Karen because she liked what she represented. Melissa tweeted in part, “I followed her to IG and I liked her picture.”

After an “industrial friend” encouraged him to contact Civil, the two were able to connect and start working together. Once there was a photoshoot and information about the project and budget, after a while things started to change.

After requesting groundbreaking for her “birthday weekend” in November 2011, Melissa complained that Karen never paid the full ,000 41,000 she had agreed to contribute to the project. Melissaher complained, “He only paid $ 1,500 for the opening ceremony.”

He further claims that every time he wanted the “first half” of funding, “he did [gave] We run. “

Although no money was allegedly sent during the event, Melissa complained that Civil still insisted that a check for $ 41,000 be printed. “He requested that we print a large check opposite his photograph during the groundbreaking.”

Melissa added that she has done well in her promise to send kids shoes. “We put him in his hotel, he told us he was going to send some sneakers from our Nick Cannon organization so that the kids at Timkatek could draw and enjoy. He held the end of the bargain and sent the shoes.

Appearing to switch from Project Play World to “Live Civil Playground”, Melissa complained that Civil did not use the hashtag given to her or mention the playground discussed under the agreement.

Finally, in December 2014, after an attorney for Sow A Seed, the two separated Cancel the contract. He further complained that the children did not get laptops, money or playground. “At the moment, he leads #Carensville because he has access to more media and publishers that he is severing ties with that SSC – where? No money, no playground, no laptop.

Once these claims became another topic of discussion, Karen Civil released a statement saying, “I thought the school they chose was amazing and we held a groundbreaking ceremony there to establish the park we planned to build.”

He continued, “Unfortunately we could not come to an agreement on the name of the park and how it would be constructed.” Karen added, “Their organization released a press release and before me they unknowingly said on their Instagram that we were separated.” Karen then added, “So I also made a statement and decided to move forward with the construction of a live civil playground in a different location.”

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