Ye Saulza called Boy the “Top 5 Most Influential” and explained the reason for removing his verse from Donda.

The last few months have been quite eventful for Connie West. Not only did she drop her highly anticipated ‘Donda’ album, she hit Innnet with a few mysterious fashion looks and she even changed her name to Yeh. Unfortunately for Yeh, he made a few enemies along the way and in his recent interview with Drink Champ he addressed a few of them.

The name Yeh excludes everyone from Drake to Big Shawn and even Solza Boy, who expressed his frustration with Yeh that the verse he was asked to write never appeared on the ‘Donda’ album. Solja took shots on Yee all over social media, to which you have yet to respond. You gave Soulza his flowers, and when he was asked why he was removed from ‘Donda’ he said that Soulza’s term was not equivalent.

“Soulza Boy is the top five most influential,” he said. “And I won’t argue with you about that. But Soulza Boy is in the top five from where we are today.”

Nore asked Kanye directly why Soulza’s verse was removed from the album, and Yeh jokingly replied, “Didn’t you hear that verse?” Nore then asked Yeke if Soulza’s verse was good and he gave the simplest answer possible – “No”.

As we mentioned earlier, Solza Boy was in his mood after discovering that he was not shown on Yer’s album which dropped in late July. He started insulting Kanye via Twitter, and even posted a video on Instagram of him working on the verse he had prepared for Yay. Soulza even posted a picture of the two of them and captioned the conversation until Kim was brought in, captioning, “I was the first rapper imKimKardashian U @ not Convenest.”

Fans are expecting Soulza’s response, but nothing has happened yet from the rapper. We’ll keep you all updated, Roomies.

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