Yella Bezi arrested in Texas on charges of sexual harassment and child endangerment

Yella Bezi is back in jail in Texas after being arrested on charges of weapons and sexual assault, according to TMZ.

Yella Bezi was indicted Friday morning in Colin County Jail on a number of charges, including criminal sexual abuse, abandoned endangered children and illegal possession of firearms.

Details of the crime were not immediately available, but Shed Room could confirm that the incident happened in Plano, Texas, because, according to sheriff’s officials, the Plano Police Department is the arresting agency.

Multiple attempts to reach Plano PD failed. He is currently held on $ 50,000 bonds, according to the WFAA.

The arrest of Yella Bezier in the state of Texas marked her third this year. According to TMZ, Yella Bezi was arrested in August on weapons and drug charges.

Police claim he has a rifle and four handguns as well as a controlled substance of more than 40 grams.

He was also arrested in February on a weapons charge, although Yella Bezi complained it was a setup. Law enforcement sources said they stopped Yella Bezi because she was driving a stop sign in Dallas.

A search of his vehicle turned up an unlicensed weapon.

Yella Bezi manager Adrian Lowe Brown told TMZ that Yella Bezi was driving his armored-plated, bullet-proof truck to his old neighborhood to fetch Valentine’s Day flowers for his wife when police stopped him and said he blew up a stop sign.

He then complained that police used the smell of weeds as an excuse to search the car, but Bezi claimed he did not smoke and police found no marijuana in the car.

We will update you when more details about his recent arrest are available

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